Workplace Violence Webinars

Why choose a webinar from Violence Free?workplace violence webinars

  • Workplace violence webinars cost less than in-person workplace violence training
  • Laser-focused into an interactive format that fits your team’s needs so everyone can get back to work faster with far less time away from the job
  • Multiple locations? We've got you covered. If your people work remotely or are based in different locations, our workplace violence webinars are an easy way to get everyone trained fast
  • You will have unlimited access to the webinar recording which you can use for future trainings for people who missed the live event, remote workers, or to onboard and train new hires
  • Violence Free will personalize and customize your program to ensure that your participants get the maximum benefit from your webinar experience
  • Invest once and you can train your people over and over again
  • We work with your onsite facilitator to ensure an interactive presentation and NOT another dull, humorless snooze-fest! 

Relax!!! We make it EASY!

  • Workplace Violence Webinar

    Easy-to-use virtual meetings platform - Your participants receive all the information they need to join the webinar online or by phone, so the training will work for participants who are “on-the-go.”
  • Large group in one location? We can work with you in advance to train an on-site facilitator for the webinar. This increases the interaction between your audience and the presenter, allows for more fun on-site, and increases retention and application after the event.
  • You receive complete workbooks in PDF format in advance of the webinar. This allows your participants to keep a quick reference guide handy for future use and it gets them more involved during the webinar itself.
  • Violence Free webinars use polls and Q&A to make sure your people get the answers they need and the interaction necessary for high retention.

Call today to explore how we can customize a Violence Free Webinar program for your organization.

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