Proven Workplace Violence Solutions and Services

Are you prepared? Or tomorrow's headline news?

Let's face it - Sky-high unemployment PLUS mounting economic pressures on families world-wide have combined to cause the "perfect storm"– the most violence-prone workplaces in a generation.

Every business can be hurt by workplace violence. The only common element – managers and executives who were sure "it couldn’t happen here."

If you currently have a situation brewing that may get out of hand, call us right away so we can help you execute a tightly-coordinated plan to handle the following safely and consistently: 

  • High-risk terminations (call us before you even make your first move)
  • Threats (in person, via mail, email, notes, voice messages)
  • Escalating patterns of violent behavior (pushing, fights, bringing weapons to work, etc.)
  • Workplace bullying and intimidation (pranks, verbal/physical abuse, etc.)

Carol Fredrickson, Co-founder & CEO of Violence Free, is an in-demand international workplace violence expert who can take the danger, fear, and uncertainty out of any potentially explosive situation you may be facing.

And this same expertise shines through in their interactive, hands-on seminars and keynotes based on years of law enforcement experience and over 20 years of workplace violence consulting and training.

Call us at +1 623-242-8797 - Pick our brains, tell us your challenge and let us partner with you to ensure a resolution that’s violence-free!

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