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Workplace Violence Consulting

Workplace violence consulting onsite with Violence Free prepares your organization for worst-case scenarios and prevents any current situations from getting out of control...

FACT: It's Not About Headline-Grabbing Mass Shootings...
The cost of "hidden" workplace violence is high because it is a constant drain on company resources. If you and your people don't know what to look for, you may be sitting in a front-row seat to a tragedy waiting to happen. You and your company could be facing crippling lawsuits, irreparable damage to your company's image and - worst of all - totally preventable loss of life.

FACT: We're On-call and On-site to Take Care of ALL the Details...
When dealing with a potentially violent employee or urgent situation - your first phone call should be to Violence Free. We'll assess the real risk, create a plan to help you determine what your next action steps should be, and if warranted, come onsite to coordinate all the logistics and ensure that every precaution is in place and each part of your team (Legal, HR, IT, Management, Law Enforcement) does its part in the right way at the right time. We limit your liability by creating bulletproof documentation (after interviewing and questioning all parties involved) and professionally de-escalating the situation in person so you don't have to.

FACT: Smart Companies NEVER Go It Alone...
We work closely with your corporate legal counsel and other key professionals to cover the areas you need to consider in each situation. As a liaison with law enforcement, we gain access to critical information to make decisions and take fast action. We take the hassle, fear, and risk off your plate.
"With your expert advice and resources, our client was able to put important security measures in place quickly, ensuring greater safety for our client and their employees in a potentially dangerous situation. I personally found your depth of knowledge regarding the workings of the police and criminal systems to be invaluable"  - Kathlyn E. Noecker, Faegre & Benson LLP

workplace violence consultingFACT: Successful Companies Reduce Risk in Every Possible Way...
Here are other ways we can help you reduce risk and ensure outcomes that are violence free:
  • Develop crisis management procedures so your team is never blindsided or paralyzed
  • Prepare front-desk personnel (they see and hear it all) to respond appropriately and communicate effectively in emergency situations
  • Build a workplace violence policy that includes well thought out tracking and reporting systems
  • Show your team what to do - and NOT to do - in cases of stalking, violent threats, vandalism or other "unclear" situations that pose a definite danger to your company's people or property.
"I am so pleased with the work you did for us! We certainly consider you a valued resource."
Eileen Lay, Animal Humane Society

Clients rely on the skills, knowledge and expertise of Violence Free to prevent 6- and 7-figure lawsuits, to save lives and to defuse workplace violence before it happens.

Call us at +1 623-242-8797 for a zero-cost, zero-obligation 30-minute consultation if you're facing ANY potentially violent workplace situation and would like to talk to the experts.
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