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workplace violence training seminarsCarol Fredrickson is an international workplace violence expert who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with stranger than fiction case studies and worst case scenario’s pulled from hundreds of real life workplace violence situations. Her high content, interactive presentations are delivered in a fun and engaging style that reflects her 20 years experience as a professional speaker. Audiences are engaged by the experience, the meeting planners become heros and the executives see an immediate change of behavior.

Carol customizes her high impact presentations to meet the needs of her clients from around the world… and we’re not talking about slapping the client’s logo on a pre-existing workbook. True customization means interviewing key members of the staff, doing due diligence on the organization and industry, and gathering information on any cultural differences that play a factor in her trainings and presentations.

Questions about Carol's schedule or fees? Call Carol at +1 (623) 242-8797.

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Your employees, members, and attendees will leave each program knowing what to think, say, and do in high-risk situations -- and they'll be energized with a message of personal strength and self reliance, all in a fun and highly interactive session designed to keep your people safe while protecting your bottom line.

Presentations range from 1 hour to a full day. Click the links below for details of each of our keynote and seminar programs. 

Workplace Violence Seminars and Keynotes: 

Managing Angry People
Workplace Conflict costs companies a fortune. We have a several programs that will teach your people how to successfully de-escalate any type of confrontation. 

Stay safe and reduce liability! When it comes to dealing with angry people, managers and supervisors need special skills to defuse potentially violent situations to a positive conclusion. This seminar will give your employees the tools they need to respond confidently, effectively, and with emotional self-control.

Managing Angry People Seminar (Details)

Workplace Violence 
We customize our programs to meet your specific need

Protect your people, protect your organization. When workplace violence strikes, you have a lot to lose! Violence in the workplace is a huge liability and a fiscal disaster waiting to happen. Unless you and your company take 'reasonable action' to ensure the safety of your employees, you could face lawsuits, a damaged company image or even a potential loss of life.

Workplace Violence Seminar (Details)

Savvy Street Smarts

A crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. So you need more than book smarts – you need Savvy Street Smarts™: those automatic reflexes that can save you and your co-workers, friends, and family from serious injury – or worse.

Savvy Street Smarts (Details) 

Whether you are looking for a keynote, a dynamic break-out session, a half day seminar or a full day workshop, Carol will challenge participants to think & behave differently. Call +1 (623) 242-8797 to determine if Carol is a good fit for your next meeting, conference or training.

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