Safe Terminations

Safe Terminations: Are You Prepared? Or Tomorrow's Headline News
(Format: Keynote or Seminar)

Are your managers and HR staff concerned about firing the workplace bully? Fact is, many violent and even deadly terminations could have been avoided if managers had said and done the right things – and brought in the right authorities at the appropriate times.

Safety in the Workplace is a major concern in companies around the world!   Savvy organizations are realizing how critical it is to teach every manager the right way to ensure “Safe Terminations” with actionable insights so they...

  • Reduce the risk of violence, maintain a safe work environment and create a positive outcome
  • Remove the danger, fear and uncertainty from any potentially explosive situation 
  • Decrease the emotional turmoil of having to deal  with a high risk termination
  • Create an understanding of all the aspects of a safe termination

Now more than ever – as economic news worsens and unemployment keeps climbing – the pressure, fear, and anxiety facing newly terminated workers could turn your next termination into something far, far worse.  

Violence Free will show you a consistent, repeatable, trainable 10 step process for safe terminations.

Participants in this program will learn: 

  • The #1 mistake managers make when terminating employees
  • A consistent, repeatable, trainable 10-step process for safe terminations
  • How to develop and deploy a “threat assessment team” before you need it
  • How to remove emotion and rationally assess potentially violent employees
  • Which outside resources can help ensure safe terminations – and which can’t
  • 6 keys for ensuring physical security during the termination meeting
  • How and when to use Orders of Protection and Restraining Orders
  • 7 pre-attack indicators every employee needs to know
  • 13 de-escalation tactics that can immediately reduce the risk of violence
  • 11 best practices for violence-free terminations
  • Preparing for your next termination and action planning 


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