Workplace Violence Experts FAQ

What kind of organizations do you work with?

We work with all types organizations, from Fortune 50 companies to small non-profits.

What size of a group do you work with?

We work with all size groups, from 20 people in a conference room to 700 people in a ballroom. Because our programs are very interactive we need to know the size of your group because we do different activities based on the number of people in the room.

What level of people do you work with?

Most of our work over the years has been with supervisors and managers; however we have also worked with all levels (entry, front line teams, CEOs/executives) and have trained entire organizations. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of the specific audience.  A program for HR or Safety managers & Supervisors is going to be customized differently than a program for general employees. 

Through up-to-date due diligence on your company and industry, as well as interviews with team members, we make certain the goals and objectives of the meeting or conference are properly met.

How long are your presentations?

Keynote presentations can range from 45 – 90 minutes.  Training can range from 2 hours to 3 days. We are flexible as to your programming needs and the length of the program depends on your overall objectives.

Some companies want us to deliver the same presentation to all of their employees and some companies want us to deliver several different presentations to the same people. Either is the right answer. It all depends on your goals and objectives. 

Are you a speaker? A trainer? A facilitator?

We are violence prevention experts! Our delivery methods are different based on your needs.  It could be a keynote, an interactive seminar, a facilitated workshop, general or break-out session, webinar, teleseminar, or a combination of one or more delivery methods. We ask the question, “What works best for YOU?”

Are you a “special event speaker” or do you work long term with corporations?

We have a 94% repeat and referral business. This means that many corporations bring us in for extended programs or have us back several times. Often associations will use us every other year. Many times a company that works with us finds that they need consulting prior to a program or to offer follow-up consulting or reinforcement training.

Will we get handouts?

People love handouts, and we do too! Because we have a lot of content and customize our presentations, we will talk to you at length to discover your needs and objectives.  Then we design a workbook just for you. You will receive a master copy for duplication. There is no charge for the master.

What if we don’t like your title or we want it to fit into our theme?

No problem, we will work with you to create a title that you are happy with!

Will you customize your presentation for our organization?

Of course!  Often clients want bits and pieces of two or three different seminars. We will interview you, your committee or team and up to 5 of your attendees to better understand your issues and concerns.

What’s your speaking style?

Our style is highly interactive with high content. We use a variety of methods to involve participants in the presentation. Our adult-focused instructional approach takes into account the experience and the knowledge that adults bring to the session.  

What if we need more than just a speech or training?

That’s not a problem! We provide consulting, develop train the trainer programs & create workplace violence prevention manual and policies.

If you have a situation brewing that may get out of hand we provide on-site consulting, where we work closely with corporate legal counsel, law enforcement and other key professionals to cover the areas you need to consider in each situation.

We are always open to a phone call to determine if we can help with your challenge, and since we are well networked, if we aren’t the one that fits, we probably know someone to refer.

What are the results of your programs?  Are there behavior changes in the participants?

We believe training is a process, not an event. When participants return to work after training some of their learning will be applied immediately and we have several ways to reinforce it so that their learning will be continually applied.

  1. Approximately 30 days after a seminar, workshop or keynote, we offer a 45 minute follow-up teleseminar. We will reinforce the 3 key learning points from the program, add one new learning point, and be available to answer questions/concerns that have developed since the original program.
  2. We give your people 30 days of free consulting. At each live presentation we invite participants to call us with any issues and we will give them a 30 minute consultation for free.
  3. All attendees get a free subscription to our blog. They will receive up-to-date, concise information related to violence in the workplace, personal safety and managing angry people.
  4. Once a quarter we offer a ‘complimentary webinar’ on topics of interest.

How much do you charge?

Since all work we do is customized and YOU set the parameters of how we work together, we will provide you with a competitive fee after we talk about your needs.  We’re open to all-inclusive fees or fee plus travel cost... whatever works best for you.

What if we can’t afford your fees?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Corporations You may want to connect with others in your organization that would be interested in this type of presentation. You can either team up with others for the same presentation or we could offer two different presentations in the same day, which lowers both of your costs.
  • Conferences – If you are holding an event or a conference, you may want us for an opening or closing general session and then as a breakout speaker. If you can schedule this in the same half day or full day, we won’t charge you for an extra program and you won’t have to hire an additional presenter.
  • Either Corporations or Conferences – You know those vendors who are calling you over and over to offer a product/service to your employees or members?  Now you have a reason to take that call! These are the perfect companies to “sponsor” Violence Free at your next event.  It gets them in front of their ideal audience, and it allows you to bring in Violence Free at no cost to you!  We can help you with ideas, or may even have connections that might be a fit.  Call us anytime to explore this possibility. 

Can we use your blog or articles in our newsletter or in our training?

Feel free to use any article, quote, or blog found on our website. All we ask is that you leave all content intact and credit the writer with appropriate bio info including contact information and links.  

You still have more questions?

We are happy to answer any and all questions.  We want you to have a successful program and we would like to partner with you from the very beginning. If after our conversation we don’t think we would be the best speaker for your organization, we will gladly recommend someone else.

Call Violence Free at +1 (623) 242-8797.

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