Conflict Management Training: Managing Angry People

The Control Factor…How to Manage Angry People 
(Format: 2 hour to full day)

This conflict management and violence prevention seminar will transform your beliefs about anger and how to handle it, personally and professionally. If you’ve ever felt powerless when faced with an angry person, or difficult people, you can immediately apply these time tested techniques and create safe and positive outcomes for you, your employees and your customers. You will develop a tool box of strategies & conflict resolution skills to peacefully defuse volatile situations.

Stay Safe and Reduce Liability! 

When it comes to dealing with angry people, your managers and supervisors need special skills to defuse potentially violent situations to a positive  conclusion. This seminar will give your employees the tools they need  to respond confidently, effectively, and with emotional self-control. 

  • How disturbing and disruptive would it be to other clients and your staff to  watch an angry customer being mishandled or treated inappropriately? 
  • What would the implications to your company be if an angry employee or  former employee decides to take revenge? 
  • Do you know how dangerous the combination of a workplace bully and staff  lacking the ability to deal with that person can be to your business? 

Not only are your people at risk, your bottom line is a risk! 

Participants in this program will learn: 

  • The first action to take when faced with someone who is angry 
  • How to stay calm and appear confident under pressure 
  • How to calm irate customers & reduce stress 
  • Develop a toolbox of strategies 
  • How to peacefully defuse volatile situations 
  • What approaches tend to escalate conflict and what to do differently 
  • What to do immediately if hostile behavior gets out of hand 
  • How your responses impact the resolution at every step


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