Our Unique Approach - A Personal Note from the CEO

Carol Blue Crop for Website I have a passion for transforming how the world thinks about safety.

We are fiercely committed to giving people the tools they need to achieve new levels of personal strength and control in the workplace, on the road, and in life.

Everything we teach is based on empowerment and self-reliance, not fear. We dispel myths and sort through misinformation so attendees leave with the ability to make wise choices concerning personal safety and violence prevention.

What should you expect from Violence Free?

Expect an engaging interactive style. It's our trademark. Audiences sit on the edge of their seats listening to our real life stories about crimes, victims, survivors and heroes.

Expect to see more than just one perspective of a situation.  We show the situation from a variety of viewpoints. Audiences are entertained and educated by our role-playing and differences in opinion. We are vulnerable and authentic so audiences can see themselves in the lessons we teach.

Finally, expect to leave with a new mindset. It happens every time. People learn, have fun, are engaged in important discussions, and find confidence to live differently. You can see the changes, first in body language and then in their way of thinking.

Our goal is to make a difference and to make the world a safer place. Our focus is on people and their safety needs and issues. We're successful each time an audience discovers the confidence, strength and knowledge to live free of violence. According to thousands of people, we've been very successful.

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