Workplace Violence Workshops, Keynotes and Virtual Trainings

Workplace Violence: Warning Signs, Red Flags and What Puts You at Risk!
(Format: Keynote or Seminar)

Every business can be hurt by workplace violence. The only common element: managers and executives who were sure “it couldn’t happen here!” In most workplace violence shootings there were “red flags galore” and yet no one recognized or took action before tragedy struck.

Workplace harassment and bullying at work are unfortunate realities in today’s workplace. We are experiencing an epidemic. Learn what you can do to protect yourself. Know the warning signs and symptoms before an outbreak occurs in your organization.

Violence in the workplace is a huge liability and a fiscal disaster waiting to happen. Unless you  and your company take ‘reasonable action’ to ensure the safety of your employees, you could  face lawsuits, a damaged company image or even a potential loss of life. 

Workplace violence facts are clear: 

  • $45 billion a year is lost to litigation, property damage & productivity 
  • Productivity drops up to 80% in the first two weeks following an incident 
  • The average legal cost for a workplace violence incident is $600,000.00

Participants in this program will learn: 

•  To understand early warning signs of violence
•  Recognize red flags
•  Characteristics of a violent employee
•  Missed opportunities to keep your people safe
•  What puts you and your company at a higher risk for violence

The experts at Violence Free give you the tools you need to protect your employees, your reputation,  and your profits!

This seminar is more than a violence prevention policy; it’s a liability buster!


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