Savvy Street Smarts™

It CAN Happen to YOU... 

A crime can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. So you need more than book smarts – you need Savvy Street Smarts™: those automatic reflexes that can save you and your co-workers, friends, and family from serious injury – or worse.

The facts are startling... Sky-high unemployment plus mounting economic pressures have created the most violence-prone workplaces in generations. 24 million workers (1 out of every 4 in the U.S.) are attacked, threatened or harassed on the job each year and there are approximately 84,000 sexual assaults and 51,000 rapes in the workplace every year.

A Serious Topic Delivered in a Fun, Engaging Format

A customized Savvy Street Smarts™ seminar weaves stranger-than-fiction real-life scenarios with extensive professional training into a fast-paced and information-packed session that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat while giving you the skill set and mindset to stay safe, avoid liability, and protect your people.

Savvy Street Smarts™ Hits Your Bottom Line

In addition to staying safe on the job, your attendees will learn how to reduce your company’s potential liability when your employees are:

  • Being stalked at work (or while traveling to/from work)
  • Confronted with a weapon or the victim of a robbery
  • On a business trip and are followed to their room
  • Assaulted in your parking lot
  • Nervous to confront someone who piggybacks with them through controlled access
  • Stranded because their car breaks down at night after working overtime
  • The victim of road rage in a company vehicle

Give your employees the Savvy Street Smarts™ they need to instinctively act safe, powerful and in control both at work and traveling to/from work.

Savvy Street Smarts™ is Customized, Specific and Versatile

Over the years, we have developed customized programs that include:

  • Savvy Street Smarts™ for Women
  • Savvy Street Smarts™ for Front Desk Personnel
  • Savvy Street Smarts™ for Business Travelers
  • Savvy Street Smarts™ for Healthcare Professionals
  • Savvy Street Smarts™ for HR & Risk Control Professionals
  • Savvy Street Smarts™ to Avoid Identity Theft

Call today to explore how we can customize a Savvy Street Smarts™ program for your organization. 

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