Identity Theft

Identity Theft...When bad things happen to your good name
(Format: Keynote or Seminar)

Identity theft is no longer just a financial issue! Could your medical records be contaminated? Could someone else be using your Social Security number?  Could a criminal be committing crimes in your name?

Every year, about 10 million cases of identity theft take place nationwide. The question is no longer IF you become a victim but WHEN!   

The worst news: most people don’t know that they've become a victim for over 14 months. We will show you how early detection can save you countless hours of time and anguish. Learn the most recent scams and identify the red flags that target you, your children, teens and the elderly, and learn how to avoid them.

Your audience will also get a step-by-step plan of what to do, who to call and what to say, should you become the victim of ID theft. This eye-opening seminar will leave your people armed with the tools to secure your organization's financial future and keep their good name. 

Participants in this program will learn: 

  • How to minimize your risk
  • Steps to secure your financial status 
  • How and why to get your credit report 
  • Protect your credit cards and know your  liability limits 
  • 21 must know tips for protecting your identity on and off the job
  • As an ID theft victim, learn what resources are available to you
  • Step by step actions you can take to clear your name 
  • Tips on organizing your case
  • How to be persistent with law enforcement 
  • Proving you are a victim & not a deadbeat

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