Violence in the Workplace is becoming more frequent, more destructive and closer to home than ever before...

For over 20 years, Violence Free has been protecting employees around the globe with thorough workplace safety and violence prevention training and buttoned-down violence prevention procedures. Your employees deserve it and your bottom line demands it.

Workplace Violence
Workplace Violence
Workplace Safety

Delivered in a fun, inter-
active style
that will have
your attendees on
the edge
of their seats with stranger-
stories while
giving them
vital skills
to act smart and stay safe.

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Consulting with Violence
prepares your
organization for
case scenarios and

prevents current situations
from getting out of control
We handle everything for you.

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Free resources to help
you prevent workplace
violence and take back
control from bullying,
threatening and
potentially dangerous
employees and situations.

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If any of the following problems sound familiar to you, Violence Free can help...

  • Have you put off firing someone because you’re afraid of violence or sabotage? 
  • Do your managers practice avoidance rather than progressive discipline?
  • Do your supervisors know how to avoid causing crippling lawsuits through "vicarious liability"?
  • Do your team leaders give problem employees "a free pass” on performance reviews for fear of violence, bullying, or retaliation?
  • How much is just ONE problem employee’s unacceptable behavior, verbal abuse, or physical intimidation costing your organization?

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